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Pewter bracelet (Tin bracelets) is a handicraft originating with the Laplander (allso called Sami people). These bracelets are peculiar, beautiful and still everyday usable!

The bracelet is made of:
* Leather (most commonly from the reindeer) Black, Darkbrown, Lightbrown is the standard colurs. Some bracelets are avalible in many other colurs like Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Goild, Turquise, Purple, Pink and so on, e-mail me and ask
* Reindeer horn button
* Pewter wire (tin thread), which contains 4% silver so it keeps it lustre
* Sinew thread is used to sew the bracelet, so its very strong.

I have used sinew thread to strengthen the loop, which makes it incredibly strong. The loop is often the weakest spot. If you are comparing my bracelets with others, you will notice that they are often sewed with nylon thread and they don't have a strengthened loop.

Klick the picture to see a closeup!  

The bracelets come in the any of the colors combined with any of the plait designs. They can be made to fit children, women, and men. The prices are not based on color; it's the plait that sets the price.

To know the right length; measure the length you want to have for a snug fit on your wrist (in centimeters).
Wrist + 0,5 cm = tight fit
Wrist + 1,0 cm = loose fit

The price is noted under each picture in SEK (swedish kronor). If you are interested in placing an order or if you have questions, please e-mail me. I answer all mail!

If you are ordering from outside Sweden, you must pay in advance by depositing the money into my account. This can be done with an international wire transfer or an international money order. I will provide account information when you place an order. When I receive payment, I will send you the products in a recommended parcel! A shipping fee will be added to your total price to cover the cost of postage. And  a transfer fee of 50SEK to some countries.


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